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What is MICE? 

Local Club coworking café, the ideal place for your meetings and seminars! 

Look no further, we have the answers to all your questions.


If the seminars often take place during working hours, do not hesitate to do them outside of these, in the morning, in the evening or even during lunchtime.

Be flexible!

Meeting rooms like no other...

The Local Club coworking café gives you access to completely modular meeting rooms to create an environment according to your desires.


The design has been designed in a clean and minimalist style for a space that guarantees efficiency and productivity.

Rent our atypical offices by the day or half-day to organize your meetings!

The Local Club coworking café gives you access to its offices for a day or half a day.


Equipped spaces are at your disposal: video projectors, large television for your presentations, Bose speakers for quality sound, functional power strips, microphones, high-speed internet connection (…)

A fully successful work meeting?  The Local Club ensures that all your needs are met!

Our workspace is suitable for meetings, business meetings, conferences and more.


Our premises can accommodate a maximum number of participants of 60 people. All you have to do is tell us the set-up of the places you want and we'll take care of it!

The Local Club coworking café is at your disposal to organize all your events, work meetings or conferences

Indeed, you can now organize your team brainstormings, your seminars, your professional meetings, your work meetings or your conferences.

Looking for a room to rent for your team buildings and meetings ?

A collaborative space where great minds meet, get to know your coworkers and here is our coworking café transformed into a real business center.


For more information about the dimensions of the places, please consult our product sheet on Google. 

Office rental possible at the Local Club 

Carefree ! The Coworking café Local Club located in the trendy Châtelain district, offers you both a pleasant workspace and accessible by public transport.

We thought of everything! For your lunch breaks, you have a wide choice of restaurants along the Vleurgat road, in particular our neighbour Home made (delicious!)

Case Study


The world leader in business recommendation takes up residence in our fabulous space! 

Indeed, every Wednesday morning the BNI Louise organizes its conferences followed by a breakfast & networking. 

We are delighted to welcome them every week and we will also be during YOUR corporate events!

Contact us to organize your team buildings, seminars, conferences...

Ask for a quotation

Thank you. We'll get back to you ASAP


Catering service 

The Local Club is in partnership with Arfood for your events. 


Founded in 2009 by a young couple, Arthur Renwart and Eugénie Sarkissiane, Artfood caterer is a contemporary house driven by excellence, passion and creativity with a human and eco-responsible vision.

Combining gastronomy and modernity by offering original menus and concepts. Artfood caterer creates the difference for your most exclusive receptions.


Photography service

The Local Club is in partnership with Fotorafik for your events. 


A team of professional photographers based in Zottegem. What's great about them is that they have a photobooth and a photo printbox.


Easy to use, the photobooth is equipped with a touch screen and the photos are retrieved immediately. You have the possibility to connect to an online photo booth through a Qr code and tadaam! Here is your photo personalized and printed on site with the printbox.

See brochures for more info. 

Perfect studio quality, practical and efficient, be sure that your guests will enjoy bringing out their most beautiful smile! 

For more information see their website:  Fotografik

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