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What is MICE? 

Host Memorable Meetings, Afterworks, and Seminars at the Local Club!

Are you looking for a private space to organise an afterwork, seminar, conference or team-building event for your company in Brussels? The Local Club is the place for you!


Come and enjoy our versatile 100 m2 space that can accommodate up to 40 people, right in the heart of Ixelles. The Local Club tailors itself to your needs and desires, ensuring your guests experience the event just as you envision it.

Flexible Hours...

While meetings and other company gatherings traditionally took place during working hours, that's no longer the norm. Many events now span an entire day outside the company or take place after work hours. This provides an opportunity for attendees to interact outside the usual work environment and can enhance team cohesion. At the Local Club, you can host your events from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday to Sunday. This ensures you can plan your seminars and team-building activities with peace of mind. You can also drop by any day of the week during our opening hours to leave materials. Our dedicated team is here to make your event a success!

...In a Versatile Space

Our venue is fully customizable to your preferences. Drawing from our past experiences, the Local Club molds itself to your needs to help you host the best event possible. We offer a variety of table and chair arrangements, from open "U" shaped setups to classroom-style configurations. Anything is possible at the Local Club.

Top-Tier Facilities

The Local Club provides a host of equipment to ensure your event runs smoothly. We have high-speed internet and a printer to facilitate document sharing. For your presentations, we also offer several whiteboards, both interactive and standard, depending on your preference.

Tailored Catering Options

If you're planning a full-day or evening event at the Local Club, you'll likely want on-site catering. We collaborate with various caterers to guarantee top-quality service that complements the mood of your event. With a focus on high-quality, local cuisine, you're guaranteed delightful dishes that will delight your guest's taste-buds . If you have your own caterers or suppliers, our refrigerated storage facilities ensure your products remain fresh.


When it comes to beverages, the Local Club proudly represents Brussels. True to our values, we offer local beers primarily from the Brussels Beer Project. These delicious beverages will add a refreshing touch to your event. We also provide a selection of other drinks, such as red, white, and sparkling wines, including champagne, all carefully chosen by our team. Our range also includes non-alcoholic options suitable for both adults and kids, including Coca-Cola, Ice Tea, Club Maté, Finley, and many more.

Plan Your Event Now!

The Local Club is ready to answer any questions and ensure your event exceeds your expectations. With our various packages, you can book the entire space or just the veranda, by the hour, half-day, or full day. This allows you to organize your event just as you envision it, without any excesses.


Don't wait any longer—gather your colleagues or partners and contact our team to schedule and organize your event at the Local Club!



169 Chaussée de Vleurgat  

1050 Ixelles  

Case Study


The world leader in business recommendation takes up residence in our fabulous space! 

Indeed, every Wednesday morning the BNI Louise organizes its conferences followed by a breakfast & networking. 

We are delighted to welcome them every week and we will also be during YOUR corporate events!

Contact us to organize your team buildings, seminars, conferences...

Ask for a quotation

Thank you. We'll get back to you ASAP


Catering service 

The Local Club is in partnership with Arfood for your events. 


Founded in 2009 by a young couple, Arthur Renwart and Eugénie Sarkissiane, Artfood caterer is a contemporary house driven by excellence, passion and creativity with a human and eco-responsible vision.

Combining gastronomy and modernity by offering original menus and concepts. Artfood caterer creates the difference for your most exclusive receptions.


Photography service

The Local Club is in partnership with Fotorafik for your events. 


A team of professional photographers based in Zottegem. What's great about them is that they have a photobooth and a photo printbox.


Easy to use, the photobooth is equipped with a touch screen and the photos are retrieved immediately. You have the possibility to connect to an online photo booth through a Qr code and tadaam! Here is your photo personalized and printed on site with the printbox.

See brochures for more info. 

Perfect studio quality, practical and efficient, be sure that your guests will enjoy bringing out their most beautiful smile! 

For more information see their website:  Fotografik

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