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Co-working Café but also...

At the Local Club, we work, share, learn, meet, chat… A 100% hybrid place that offers flexible spaces to welcome coworkers but also creation professionals.

Local Club coworking café

The Office

You’ll absolutely LOVE working there ! 

Here you’ll find standing tables (or normal ones) and their footrest for a maximum of comfort.

The soft benches and suspended lights reinforce the warm and cozy atmosphere to stay focused on your projects.

To work alone or in teams and make your wildest dreams come true.

Local Club coworking café.png
Local Club coworking café

Enjoy the sunlight at all times of the day. The veranda is the place where everything is possible. 

That’s where you access the garden and it is fully flexible to adapt to your needs for your workshops, seminars, courses and even your private events. 


The veranda is definitely the best place to share ideas and let your creativity flow.

The Veranda

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