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The Local Club is an ideal place for a photo shoot in the heart of Chatelain. 


Here are some reasons to come to the Local Club for a photoshoot: 
- Natural light that will highlight your model.
- A designer decoration (deco furniture, marble table, period fireplace, ceiling moulding, etc.)
- A sublime veranda overlooking the garden
- A flower garden 
- A terrace exposed to the sun

- ...


A magnificent setting and during your shoot we offer you unlimited hot drinks and sparkling water.

Looking for a cozy place for your photo shoot? You are in the right place !

Indeed, thanks to its minimalist and refined design, the Local Club coworking café adapts to any type of shooting. 

You have at your disposal a veranda which brings in the light of day, thus giving a much warmer atmosphere. At your disposal, garden furniture with a parasol. 

The ideal place for a photo shoot, in the heart of Brussels 

Rays of light in addition to your special lights will make a perfect combo to highlight your mannequins. 

Without adding our line of lights suspended on the ceiling of the veranda which gives several different colors of lights. 

We also have small sofas in velvet, a material that is pleasant to the touch as well as visually.

It's these little details that will undoubtedly make the difference...

The Local Club adapts to all seasons, so that your shoots are unique! 

Our sublime veranda overlooks a well maintained garden, available for any occasion during the year.


Whether it's winter or fall, the leaves of trees and plants give a whole charm to winter holiday shoots.


Or during spring or summer, our garden is illuminated by sublime flowers that are born. We also have beautiful colorful fish (Japanese koi carp) in our little lake!

As a whole the Local Club is perfect for a photo shoot, find out why...

Indeed, in addition to the veranda and the garden, the other rooms can also be set up for a photo shoot.


Our premises were transformed during Picard's shoot for its new delicacies.

A Christmas air, with fir trees and garlands... Or even during a professional shoot for the BNI team, produced by our talented photographer Sara Bastin. 


For the organization of parties, afterwork or other, we recommend the photobooth of our partner photographer, (see our page PRIVATIZE / COMPANY)

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see all the events we have organised.

Arm yourself with creativity and tell us about your project. We will be listening and ready to give tips and advice! 

Case study: By Christiaens 

Sabrina Christiaens is an entrepreneur who created her ready-to-wear brand "Christiaens". Passionate about fashion since childhood, she now has a showroom in Louise. 
Sabrina chose our magnificent space to shoot one of her latest collections and we are delighted to have welcomed her!

Discover here the interview we did with her after her shoot.

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