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Our coworking café turns into a showroom for a month


Let yourself be seduced by our premises, a cozy and warm atmosphere. At the Local Club, we have thought of every detail to offer you a flexible and modular place according to your wishes.  

Indeed, every month, we try to find talented artists available to exhibit their most beautiful works on our walls.


From urban art, fine art, abstract, photography, our clients are always delighted to work in our premises while admiring magnificent works.  

You have the opportunity to make yourself known more thanks to the organization of the opening that you can do on weekends at the Local Club, you will be the master of the place!  


You should know that in addition to our loyal customers, we have many passers-by who come from all over the  world. Brussels being the European capital many go there to work. Why not take this opportunity? Exhibit your flagship works in our coworking café and let the magic happen.  

We have multiple locations, secure hanging tools, and brightly colored little lights to showcase your prettiest paintings. The exhibition period is 1 month, during this time we are committed to sharing about the artist on social networks and on our website.


We also ask the artists to tell us about them, the time of a small interview, which could be shared on our networks if they wish.  


Convinced? Send us your request, we will be happy to assist you in your organization! For more information contact us at  +32.456.56.84.71 or by mail on

The Local Club offers you the possibility to increase your visibility 

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