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Reinventing Coworking: Boosting Your Network with Unique Workshops

Privatizing a coworking space to organize a variety of workshops, such as wine tastings, yoga classes or other activities, is a growing trend that is attracting more and more companies and freelancers. This out-of-the-ordinary concept offers a multitude of advantages for organizers and participants alike. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of privatizing a coworking space for your workshops, how to organize these events to maximize their impact, and why these activities can become key elements of a business community's marketing and development strategy.

A yoga workshop in a coworking space

Advantages of privatizing coworking spaces

Flexibility and creativity: coworking spaces offer flexible settings that can be adapted to the specific needs of each workshop. Whether it's a yoga class requiring an open, soothing space, or a wine tasting requiring a more intimate, elegant ambience, coworking spaces can be arranged to meet these needs.

Strategic location: Coworking spaces are often located in the heart of downtown areas, or close to dynamic business zones, making them easily accessible for participants, making these workshops more attractive and convenient.

Tailor-made equipment and services: Most coworking spaces offer a full range of services and equipment (such as high-speed Wi-Fi, audiovisual equipment, catering, etc.), making it easy to organize and manage workshops.

Community-building: Organizing workshops in a coworking space encourages meetings and networking between professionals from different sectors, helping to create and strengthen a dynamic business community.

Organizing a successful workshop

Define the objective and target audience: First and foremost, it's crucial to clearly define the objective of the workshop and identify the target audience. This will help you design the event to meet participants' expectations and needs.

Choosing the right space: The space must match the desired ambience of the workshop and be equipped accordingly. Think about the size, configuration and equipment required.

Promoting the event: Use coworking communication channels and your own networks to promote the workshop. Social networks, newsletters and word-of-mouth are excellent ways of spreading the word.

Planning logistics: Make sure all logistical aspects are covered (registration, catering, materials needed, etc.) to ensure the event runs smoothly.

Impact on marketing and community strategy

Organizing workshops in a coworking space can become a powerful lever for marketing strategy. It enables you to :Increase visibility: By attracting non-members, these events raise the visibility of the coworking space and can lead to new memberships.

  • Brand positioning: By associating your coworking space with enriching and varied experiences, you strengthen your brand image and market positioning.

  • Added value: These workshops offer significant added value to members, enriching their experience and satisfaction, and thus fostering loyalty.

In conclusion, privatizing coworking spaces for workshops offers an exceptional opportunity to energize and enrich the business community. Whether it's a wine tasting, a yoga class, or any other event, these shared moments help to forge links, foster innovation and strengthen professional networks. As the marketing director of a coworking space, integrating this strategy into your service offering can transform your space into a vibrant place, where work and well-being are in perfect harmony.

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