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5 Advantages of Coworking for Start-ups in Brussels

In the dynamic world of start-ups, it's essential to find an environment conducive to growth, collaboration and creativity. At the Local Club, located in Brussels/Ixelles, we've made this our priority. Our aim is to provide entrepreneurs, freelancers and teleworkers with a friendly, open space where they can meet new people.

In this article, you'll find five advantages of coworking for start-ups in Brussels.

Networking opportunities

One of the main benefits of coworking spaces is the opportunity to connect and network with like-minded professionals. At Local Club, Brussels start-ups can interact with a diverse community of entrepreneurs, freelancers and innovators. We also regularly host networking events organised by organisations and businesses. This dynamic environment encourages the exchange of ideas, collaborations and potential partnerships. By being part of this thriving network, start-ups can broaden their horizons and perhaps meet future clients or work colleagues.


For start-ups, managing finances is crucial. Coworking spaces offer a cost-effective solution by offering flexible membership options that avoid the need for different investments in infrastructure or offices. At Local Club, everything is provided!

What's more, with our range of hourly, daily and monthly payment options, you can choose from different membership plans to suit your needs and budget. This allows you and individual contractors to allocate your resources strategically, focusing on business growth and your work rather than excessive overheads.

Access to amenities

The Local Club offers a wide range of facilities that improve productivity and convenience for start-ups, among others, we let you have high-speed internet, comfortable workstations, an open veranda and delicious coffee!

This ensures that you have everything you need to work efficiently. What's more, we also have a garden that serves as a place to relax, network and even meet with clients. This combination of workspace and facilities creates an optimal working environment for start-ups in Brussels.

Collaboration and synergy

Working with other entrepreneurs in a coworking space fosters collaboration and synergy. Start-ups can benefit from the expertise and diverse opinions of the community, which stimulates innovation and problem-solving. The Local-Club regularly organises networking events, workshops and seminars that facilitate knowledge sharing and skills development. In addition, many workers choose the Local Club to work in small groups, providing a good working atmosphere while pushing each other upwards.

Flexibility and scalability

Start-ups often experience rapid growth and changing needs. Coworking spaces like the Local Club offer the flexibility to adapt to these changing needs and do all sorts of tasks during the day. Alternate between a garden, a veranda or a more traditional workspace? It's all possible! This flexibility eliminates the constraints of traditional offices and allows start-ups to develop smoothly without having to worry about moving, high installation costs or work on your premises.

For the large number of contractors and start-ups in the Belgian capital, the Local Club d'Ixelles is the ideal place for workers looking for a stimulating and inspiring workspace. With its dynamic community, cost-effective solutions, comprehensive facilities, collaborative opportunities and scalability, the Local Club offers an ideal environment to discover right now!

To find out more about the Local Club :

169 Chaussée de Vleurgat

1050 Ixelles

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